Smartphone user scanning a QR code from another smartphone user


ScanCode was founded by CEO Emily Redington as a fintech services company specializing in QR code payments. When Covid-19 forced many businesses to find contactless alternatives, QR codes became more prevalent. But Emily noticed a huge shortcoming with these codes – they only executed one function at a time. With her industry knowledge and experience, she set out to create an interactive, integrated QR code solution. ScanCode expanded its offerings and reimagined proactive audience engagement using custom QR codes and landing pages. Now clients across divergent industries can access these tools, which combine the capability to modify content with responsive call-to-action elements. ScanCode continues to develop and produce the most functional, flexible QR code solutions available. The QR code market is heating up, come see how ScanCode’s transformative technology can increase user retention in the growing omnichannel universe of the modern business model.